How is the iFACE Designer software different from other traditional HMI software?

The software that we chose to use for our iFACE Designer is the newest Ribbon interface. Our iFACE Designer uses the latest Microsoft Ribbon interface. This interface has been widely utilized in many of the newest software packages such as Office 2007, Office 2010, Windows 8 and so on. Its main advantage is that it helps users quickly find relevant directives and actions, saving precious processing time.

How do you set up a station for points and registers in the iFace Designer?

First, determine whether the [PLC Setting] is set to multiple nodes (Link) and that the defined station number (Station) is correct. Next, under [Tag] setting, set each tag to its corresponding station number. Note that the station number that corresponds to each tag label must be the same defined station number in the [PLC Setting].

What is a tag label and how does it help with setting up points and registers?

A tag label facilities the tracking of points and registers. When a controller needs to be modified or changed, the programmer simply needs to change the tag label of the relevant points and registers instead of changing each point or register one by one.