National Brand Yushan Award Outstanding Leader
National First Prize Received Presidential Recognition

· Novakon Co., Ltd. GM Calvin Chang (Right) received President Tsai Ing-wen's recognition of Yushan Award National First Prize Outstanding Achievement

President Tsai Ing-wen personally received and congratulated the 19th National Brand Yushan Award winners at the Presidential Office on March 14. Novakon Co., Ltd. won the "National Brand Yushan Award Outstanding Enterprise Leader Award-National First Prize", by achieving excellent results in localizing the operations and promoting its brand into international markets.

During the reception, President Tsai Ing-wen mentioned that "net zero transformation" is a highly challenging task. The government will do its best to integrate the capabilities of all parties and hope that all award-winning manufacturers will continue to support policies and incorporate carbon reduction and net zero concepts into future works. On net zero transformation, Novakon said that ESG issues pose new operational risks to the manufacturing industry, and how to widely apply it is a key factor for the manufacturing industry. ESG is closely linked to the Industrial IoT (IIoT). Through IoT technology and digital innovation tools, the operating status of factories can be accurately identified to accelerate the digital transformation for industrial sectors. ESG is a core issue for all enterprises, and is inseparable from the Industrial Internet of Things. ESG emphasizes that enterprises achieve environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance, while IIoT emphasizes efficiency and productivity. If AIoT technology is used well, it will have significant benefits for promoting various aspects of ESG. Novakon analyzed it from different aspects: environmental aspects includes water resources, green electricity, carbon footprint, etc.; social aspects, including regulations, supply chain; governance aspects cover the company's operational management, energy saving and carbon reduction, etc., ESG standards are the best principle for industrial transformation and it should be combined with IIoT.

Many years ago, there was no concept of IIoT in the manufacturing industry. IIoT was proposed in Industry 3.0 and has been widely mentioned and applied by industry experts in recent years. Many factories in Taiwan have been built decades ago. How to achieve ESG goals? How to carry out digital innovation at the same time? It is a problem faced by most factories. Early days factories are mostly deployed with industrial equipment of different brands. Nowadays, if factories wish to carry out digital transformation, it is impossible to gather all brands together. Therefore, there must be operational technology (OT) technicians to provide information technology (IT) data so that IT personnel can perform smart analysis, then effective digital innovation and upgrades can be carried out. Novakon's iM-Connect® web-based protocol conversion software has built-in multiple PLC drivers and industrial communication protocols, and also incorporates AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud three major public clouds on cloud service settings, providing an easy-to-operate protocol conversion and data acquisition platform to all the connected industries and fields. Novakon further explained that the greatest value of IIoT is to carry out value-added innovation on existing equipment architecture at minimal cost. Novakon not only provides customers with professional software customization services, but also formulates software-hardware integrated solutions for customers with industrial automation and industrial IoT needs. All products are designed and manufactured in Taiwan.

NOVAKON CO., LTD (a subsidiary of iBASE Technology) is a professional human-machine interface (HMI) and industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution provider and manufacturer. All products are developed and manufactured in Taiwan. It is committed to developing the best industrial automation products, and in order to meet the demand of various industries, it provides industry-specific software ODM/OEM customization services. Entering its 13th year of establishment, Novakon continues to invest in research and development, and takes "reducing automation introduction costs" and "meeting the needs of various industries" as its corporate mission. Currently, Novakon’s HMI visualization software "iFace Designer®" and Industrial IoT software "iM-Connect®" are marketed globally, actively developing industrial automation related solutions with long-term positioning in professional HMI market and industrial IoT applications, also is one of a few a domestic brand whose software has been widely adopted in European and American market.