Focused Industries & Success Stories


CASE 1. 

Data Center Power Metering

Applied Field: Data Center

Novakon Solutions: N04 / N07/ iFace-Designer


Novakon HMI is connected to customer's Power Quality Meter (PQM) System to acquire highly accurate measurements of all power metrics including Volts, Amps, Power Factor, Watts, kWh, kVAR, kVARh, Hz, vTHD and iTHD (Total Harmonic Distortion) from Data Center busway systems, panelboards, RPPs, PDUs, switchgear, and distribution panels.


CASE 2. 

Smart Freezer

Applied Field: Convenience Store / Cold Chain Logistics

Novakon Solutions: N04 / P07 /  iFace-Designer


Novakon develops Wi-Fi/3.5G wireless connection solutions of both hardware platform and software API for data exchange between a central 7” DHCP Server HMI and 4~5 sets of local 4” DHCP Client HMIs that are connected to freezers in a convenience store as well as in the refrigerated truck, delivering freezer data and event message to remote server as an IoT gateway.


CASE 3. 

Torque Controller

Applied Field: Pneumatic Bolting System

Novakon Solutions: P10 / iFace-Designer


Novakon HMI is customized and embedded in customer’s Torque Tool Controller System to  1. Calibrate torque tool capability before assembly, 2. Monitor and control the bolting sequence and real-time bolt tightness during assembly, 3. Remote monitor the joint status after assembly to ensure the bolting reliability.



CNC Machine

Applied Field: CNC Machine Controller

Novakon Solutions: P07 / P10 / iFace-Designer


Novakon develops unique CNC G-code editing tools in HMI software “iFace-Designer” to enable the communication between HMI and CNC controller. The controller programming could be directly done on Novakon ARM based HMI for higher work efficiency and lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).



Indoor Environmental Monitoring

Applied Field: School Classroom

Novakon Solutions: N04 / iFace-Designer


Novakon HMI is adopted to collect data of all environmental sensors (including temperature, humidity, lighting, atmosphere CO2…,etc.) in a student classroom and  upload data to cloud server through FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Also system manager could do remote monitoring  on HMI through VNC. (Virtual Network Computing)



Production Equipment

Applied Field: Factory Production

Novakon Solutions: All Series / iFace-Designer


With excellent hardware durability, superior platform performance and elegant user-friendly software interface, Novakon HMIs are widely applied in varied factory production equipment. Industry map covers Electronic, Metal Processing, Textile Dyeing and Finishing, Food Processing to name a few.


CASE 7. 

Building Automation

Applied Field: Smart Building

Novakon Solutions: P15 / P10 / iFace-Designer


Novakon builds a software application for system integrator’s Building Management System to integrate HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning), security & fire safety, video surveillance, lighting system, PDU (Power Distribution Unit), elevator control, and energy monitoring in a 15” center console HMI and indoor environmental monitoring in 10" HMIs.



Wastewater Treatment

Applied Field: Sewage Treatment Plant

Novakon Solutions: N10 / iFace-Designer


Novakon 10” HMI is integrated into an online COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) analyzer for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. Novakon provides user-friendly interface for quick and intuitive operations of acquiring process information, chemical dose setting,  up to 10000 sets of historical data with trend curve and online monitoring.